28th of September 2020

Future Leaders need more Listening! Listening does not only mean to hear what is said, but to hear what is not said, the meaning beyond the message, the feeling coming along how a message is said and to see the person behind the message.

In fact that’s how we learn to build up new knowledge and experience by deeply listening to others with all our senses and on all levels of what has been said without our judging mind and without bias. Being open and staying curious is the most challenging part in listening as we have learned to follow beliefs and perception from our personal experience.

If you manage your personal judge and be open for exchanging ideas you will be paid off with surprising and inspiring new thoughts. This is there the real learning takes place by creating new capacity and space in your brain for positive change.

Leaders and Executives play the key role in facilitating and living a Learning Culture. In fact good listeners truly see others and acknowledge their effort. They build trust and empathy in leadership and might also raise the loyalty of the people. Listeners also learn more, make better decisions and create space for failure and performance. They even create competence and discover unknown opportunities. It might also be a basis for innovation and personal growth.

A growth mindset of Welcoming the unknown might start with Listen – Learn – Exchange #LLX.

About the author:

I am Martina Wehner, a passionate Executive Coach and Team Trainer, expert in Powerful Team Culture and Empathy in Leadership. Find out more about your empathy in leadership and get in contact with a first free online meeting https://www.teamandleaders.com or text me mw@teamandleaders.com.