As a Transformative Coach for executives and teams, I am passionate about people, their rich personalities, innate resources and diverse perspectives. With significant leadership and coaching experience in corporate environments across Asia and Europe, I empower my clients to effect positive change for sustainable growth.




Over the last 25 years, I have served in many roles in the corporate world across Germany and Singapore, including that of business owner, leader, consultant, independent transformative executive coach, team trainer and speaker. In that time, I have conducted more than three thousand workshops and trainings and more than two thousand five hundred coaching sessions as a professional coach. I have cultivated a wide variety of effective tools and skills, which I couple with a positive mindset, powerful communication and empathy to provide valuable partnership with all my clients. 


After living and working for various years in the multi-cultural metropolis of Singapore where I lived with my husband three children and my labradoodle, my home today is again the scenic city of Munich. In my environment nature is my richest source of inspiration. My family is my anchor, my source of power and happiness, and I am passionate about culture, horses, golf and outdoor sports. A sense of constant curiosity drives me to continual learning, while sharing my professional life and social projects give my life meaning.


  • ICF Certified Transformational Master Coach at Coach Masters Academy, Singapore
  • ICF-PCC Professional Certified Coach at Coach Masters Academy, Singapore
  • PQ Coach, Positive Intelligence Program for Mental Fitness, Stanford University
  • MBTI Certified Practitioner for Individual and Team Assessment
  • DGSF-IFW Certified Systemic Coach and Management Trainer, Germany
  • Dipl.- Kfm.-MBA University of Nuremberg, Germany, University of Michigan, USA

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Build strong relationships with your teams and colleagues, and develop your own professional career. Together, we will examine your resources and environments to steer your progress and achieve your goals.

My outcome-oriented transformational approach helps garner new perspectives for personal growth. Delve deep into behavioural mechanisms that will drive your values and leadership approach. Achieve clarity and deeper insights for understanding, learning and positive improvement for your personal growth and your approach as a leader.

Career coaching empowers you at all stages of your professional life to make reflective decisions about your next steps. My focus is on supporting you achieve your personal definition of success. You will gain a clear understanding about your strengths and values, needs and motivators to inspire a positive vision that enables you to sustainable learning and growth. This outcome-based transformational approach will open new opportunities for shaping your professional future.

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Developing your teams and leaders is integral to elevating their performance to a new level of excellence. Based on your goals, I offer tailor-made concepts that improve team motivation and performance. It’s all about identifying and understanding the unique quality and personality of each team member, and building relationships based on trust, communication and respect.

As a Certified MBTI Practitioner I enable understanding and valuing individual differences for leaders and teams to empower personal development, diversity and team interaction. I offer complete MBTI Type Indicator Workshops for teams and leaders but also integrate the MBTI assessment as a part of a team workshop to generate a team template for your team identity, culture and performance. 

In individual coaching sessions you can find out about your personality type for career options, leadership development, your personal life and wellbeing.



Competent, motivated people are the keystone of successful companies. Regular training and qualifications benefit you and your company, enabling a culture of consistently excellent performance. We offer flexible concepts for training, whether it is bringing your concept and content to life in a unique learning atmosphere, or creating concepts for learning with proven, powerful and approved methods. Offering a space of psychological safety is one of the key success factors for sustainable impact and change.



Director of Mobility Services, Automobile Industry, Germany

“Martina has supported our teams and leaders with coaching and workshops for many years. Her exceptional empathy, engagement and profession experience have impacted and empowered our organisation to improve. She involves and acknowledges everyone with sensitivity and understanding to build trust and create a learning atmosphere for personal and organisational development.”


Head of HR, Automobile Industry, Germany

“Martina has worked with us as a trainer, facilitator and coach for many years. Her passion for facilitating and interacting with her audience is impressive. She has an authentic and sensitive way of coaching and training, and is an invaluable partner to our leaders. Her deep corporate knowledge informs her practical input, leading to clear, sustainable output and measures. We really appreciate her method of motivating and supporting our individuals and teams.” 


Michael Groß, Director Group Academy – Volkswagen Group China, Beijing, China

“I’ve worked with Martina in various settings and always appreciate her positive approach to dealing with new topics and situations, her broad set of methods, and her empathetic, motivational communication skills. Her intercultural competences are deeply appreciated when working with her in an international context.”


Richard W., Singapore

“Martina is a great coach. Her way of helping me discover and learn is exceptional. With empathy and competence, she partnered me through the process to deepen my understanding, attain clarity and achieve a new perspective and solution with a sustainable and reliable outcome. I highly recommend her for professional and personal improvement.”


Alexandra S., Head of Marketing, Educational Sector, Germany

“As I underwent a career change, I needed support in sharpening my professional profile and position within the labour market. Martina supported me and helped me find a suitable direction. She helped clarify my strengths and power up my applications. She accompanied me through the entire process of repositioning and applications, and enabled my success in reaching the leadership position I most wanted. Thank you so much, Martina!”


Andreas O., Head of Supply Management in the Automobile Supply Industry

“Understanding interpersonal conflicts, recognising patterns of action and changing my perspective opened up new spaces for me to improve and achieve a sustainable outcome. I recommend Martina’s services for all leaders.”


Jutta Nann, Managing Director and Owner of JNC, Fulda Germany

“Working with Martina is impressive and empowering. She leads teams and leaders through her workshops with the highest competence and deepest experience. Her unique style makes a great impact on team motivation. Attuned to the group dynamic, she finds fast, creative and effective solutions for moving forward. She is able to focus on individuals while developing a high-performing team. Working with her always inspires respect and trust, and I really enjoy working with her.”


ISPA Consult GmbH Prof. Dr. K.-F. Ackermann, Stuttgart Germany

“We partnered with Martina on various projects in our midsize HR Consultancy for General Personnel Management ISPA Consult GmbH. We really appreciated her international experience, expertise and qualifications, as well as her commitment. She was mainly engaged in our section organisational surveys and developed into a highly demanded expert for training, coaching and team development throughout the implementation phases of the survey results.


Martina supported our clients with careful planning and execution of the result workshops and with sensitive and assertive moderation, which contributed to concrete and sustainable success. Her work consistently received emphatic approval and positive feedback. My highest recommendation for organisations, teams and leaders!


Among her clients, she has worked for Porsche AG, Goethe Institut, SWM Stadtwerke München, Wasser Brücken und Straßenbehörde Hamburg, WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE u.Co.KG  and others.”


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