29th of July 2020

A billion dollar question with even more answers in science and on social media.

As I get asked often by my clients on that question I did some research. And today one aspect was really striking me a lot which I want to share with you.

Don´t think of yourself as a victim! In most cases you are not! It is actually easy to promote yourself as a victim. I see a lot of victim selling on social media nowadays and in lots of my work with leaders and teams. Some maybe think its cool and mainstream to show off like a victim. This victim mindset will definitely make you stick there you are and stay in your comfort zone.

But actually its just not helpful! Its not healthy neither! Even if you really are a victim it doesn’t get you anywhere to behave like it and stick to that mindset.

Think of a deer being hunted by a wolf. It runs away as fast as it can to flee the wolf or turn around and face the wolf with its horn to fight. Can you imagine what happens if the deer would have the mindset of a victim? I like the image of the deer, because it shows us that we always have a choice. And the choice starts with a different perspective and a new mindset to get clarity and understanding on possibilities.

Are you stressed out and feel like a victim right now? Get back to me, have a chat and try a coaching session with me online where ever you are and explore your new possibilities for positive change.

About the author:
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