14th of August 2020

“Without trust you are getting nowhere!” Leaders who inspire trust gain commitment, responsibility, motivation and performance. Trust is the ground for creativity and innovation. It enables growth and positive change.
In all my Team Workshop, Seminars and Leadership Coaching I ask: “What is the core value of leadership?”– The answer of the majority is “TRUST”!

But what makes it so important? And what can you do to gain TRUST?

You can have a compelling vision, rock-solid strategy, excellent communication skills, innovative insight, and a skilled team, but if people don´t trust you, your performance will stay far behind your possibilities. Mistrust leads to frustration, scepticism, reactive behaviour, negativity and fear which leads to poor performance and demotivation.

Our biggest mistake is that we assume that others trust a leader only by hierarchy or a title. TRUST doesn’t come along with a nametag on the door of your office! You must earn it, it´s hard to gain, it´s easy to lose and it takes time!
As a leader, you are trusted only if people believe in your ability, consistency, integrity, and commitment to deliver. The good news is that you can earn TRUST over time, by building and maintaining important muscles:

Performance – people need to see results of the work they are doing. Therefore they need knowledge, ability, and the possibility to unfold their capacity and want to be recognized and appreciated for it. As a leader you are the benchmark for goal-setting and target achievement.

Competency – people have confidence in those who stay fresh, relevant, and capable. The humble and teachable person keeps learning new ways of doing things and stays current on ideas and trends. Therefore they listen, learn, exchange and experience different perspectives.

Reliability – people expect realistic, upfront and transparent commitment to responsibilities. It is also demonstrating courage under pressure to keep the course and support the members of your team. Most important is an open and consistent communication for clarity and understanding of direction and purpose of work. The open and committed person makes work meaningful and true.

Empathy – people have faith in those who care for others, who are able to relate to the
thoughts, emotions or experience of others. They like to build up relationships and connections to others and like to be respected and understood as a whole person. Most important they are humble and grateful to the effort and involvement of others.
Grateful people are not entitled, they do not complain, and they do not gossip. Practice your gratitude to others, and you will be a magnet.

Resilience – people rely on those who decide and act with Intention. That takes us away from a reactionary mode and manage better unexpected disruptions. Those who embrace change and accept it as part of life are able to reframe their situation and negative thoughts to positive. A positive and growth mindset makes them adapt quickly. And don’t forget to be grateful to yourself for getting through all the challenges of the day. It will be a rich resource of happiness for you and others.

Covid19 accelerated digitalisation and globalisation within months. We celebrate diversity of teams and get together on all kinds of platforms. There is this spirit of “we are in this together”, which leads to a culture of responsibility and community. A fertile ground to grow TRUST.

Leaders who didn’t TRUST in home office, experience it themselves and integrate home office as part of their work and life culture. The seed of TRUST is growing to a forest of trees with long roots on the ground of corporate culture. Our challenge is to maintain it. Be aware it is easy to lose – like a fire in the woods.

About the author:
I am Martina Wehner, a passionate Executive Coach and Team Trainer, expert in Powerful Team Culture and Empathy in Leadership. Find out more about your empathy in leadership and get in contact with a first free online meeting https://www.teamandleaders.com  or text me mw@teamandleaders.com.
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