“Today is MY DAY ONE to start my presence with TEAMLEADERS on social media. It was time to act and stop thinking about ONE DAY.”

Yes, act! And not only think it over with a mindset of ONE DAY, if I have the time, the energy or find the right moment. Whatever is the right moment to make it happen, will only happen if you decide to move and take the first step.

What is holding us back to move often appears as: uncertainty, fear to fail, self-doubt or loss of comfort zone. This “loss frame” of our mind is holding us back to move and protects our comfort zone. As I experience in my over 1000 Team and Leader Workshops, Webinars, Trainings and Coaching for the last 8 years in Germany and Singapore there are always the ones telling me “We have no choice”, “Nothing can be changed”, “There is nothing we can do about it”.

And there are the ones that master difficulties, changes, uncertainty and crises. They not only master crises, but get out even stronger. They want to be in the driver seat, not be driven, act and not react and learn and improve from failure, loss and change. The difference is the mindset of “DAY ONE”.

But how do I get back in the driver seat, if I am driven and feel lack of control. First of all:

  1. lean or step back – change perspective
  2. take a moment breathe and relax – take your time
  3. think about what is possible and positive – #LLX (Listen – Learn – Exchange)
  4. you always have a choice – decide
  5. get involved – experience

The mindset of “DAY ONE” has a “gain frame“. A gain which you cannot see without experiencing it.If you start with your “DAY ONE” you learn, therefore you grow and gain.

If you want to get involved, contact me and lets find out your DAY ONE.

About the author:
I am Martina Wehner, a passionate Executive Coach and Team Trainer, expert in Powerful Team Culture and Empathy in Leadership. Find out more about your empathy in leadership and get in contact with a first free online meeting  or text me
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